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SABOTATE con grazia: un’infestazione di CHEAP al MAMbo

6 October - 17 December 2023

SABOTATE with grace: a CHEAP infestation at MAMbo

Over the last ten years, CHEAP has accustomed the public to an idea of ephemeral public art, as unstable as the posters it puts up on the street, as partisan as the political and transfeminist contents it has disseminated on the city's urban landscape: today, the Bologna-based poster public art project arrives at MAMbo to celebrate a ten-year anniversary under the banner of sabotage as a transformative artistic practice.
The museum will host installations of works already realised by CHEAP, part of the photographic archive documenting the projects on the street, some translations of posters in atypical formats, re-editions rethought in a site-specific perspective: everything will be scattered between exhibition and non-exhibition spaces, from the public toilets to the collection rooms.

For this project it was decided not to use the term exhibition, preferring the suggestion of infestation, in CHEAP's words: "Some artists have defined CHEAP as a virus, infesting and able to mutate along with its surroundings: these were obviously pre-Covid times, times when such a simile seemed less deadly. Again, we take up Donna Haraway's invitation to make non-human strategies our own: we want to make ourselves as infesting as plants, which find a way to sneak into public space by making their way into the unexpected cracks and crevices of the urban landscape. Infesting is also the feminism that we invoke and that we have declined in a project in the street: this and other works will peep into the spaces of MAMbo".