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Permanent Collection


GAM's Collection at MAMbo

The Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Bologna's collections have undergone a complex yet necessary reconfiguration after the opening of MAMbo's new seat on 5th May 2007. Subsequently they were made visible to the public with periodically renewed displays until today.

Museo Morandi at MAMbo
In autumn 2012, after the transfer of Museo Morandi in its spaces, MAMbo began a new exhibition project, showing to the public a brand new look.
The presence of the Morandi collection not only highlights the great influence of the artist on contemporary art, but also establishes a connection with Bologna artistic facts, with the museum history and with the reasons behind its creation, creating a strong link with the Permanent Collection.
Thanks to a continuous increase of the patrimony, guaranteed by new acquisitions, donations, and extended loans, the Collection is constantly subjected to research and renewal.

Thematic areas
The exhibition itinerary is articulated in different thematic areas, which document some of the most innovative aspects of the artistic practice from the second half of the twentieth century until today, seen through the experience of the former Galleria d'Arte Moderna.