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Catherine Biocca
Italian/English edition
curated by: Catherine Biocca
year: 2019

format: 16,5 x 24 cm
binding: dos-à-dos
pages: 80 colour

€ 9

Catherine Biocca, artist selected for the 2018/2019 ROSE Residency Programme, after her stay in the Sandra Natali Residence for Artists conceived a site-specific exhibition project for the historical Villa delle Rose, reinterpreted considering both its past and present. In particular she paid attention to the villa’s function as Second World War hospital and its present use as exhibition space surrounded by a garden.
Through audio-video installations, cartoons, sculpture, paintings and live performance, the artist has created a totally absorbing experience, that challenges the relationship between artwork and public, meanwhile explores the darkest elements of contemporary society. 
The exhibition is accompanied by a publication, conceived and curated by the artist herself, made dynamic by the particular dos-à-dos binding and animated by the presence of dozens of images downloaded directly from the network. The book includes the foreword by Giulia Pezzoli, curator of the Rose project, and the critical text by Lorenzo Benedetti.