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Mika Rottenberg
Italian/English edition
curated by: Lorenzo Balbi
year: 2019

format: 29,5 x 21 cm
pages: 36 colour
price: 5,00 euro

€ 5

Mika Rottenberg, Argentine born artist now based in New York, a centre stage player on the contemporary world scene, will be appropriating the Sala delle Ciminiere of the MAMbo, that hosts her first solo exhibition in Italy.
Interweaving fictional and documentary data in stories in which geographies and narratives collapse into surreal non-sense, the artist creates complex allegories on the capitalist system which regulates the human condition and massive goods production processes. Through the various languages of film, architectural installation and sculpture, Rottenberg creates a unique artwork, at the same time serious and challenging, but also carefree and absurd.
This publication accompanies the exhibition, featuring an unpublished essay by Germano Celant that provides an in-depth analysis of the leading themes in the artist’s oeuvre.