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Dina Danish & Jean-Baptiste Maitre
Italian/English edition
curated by: Dina Danish & Jean-Baptiste Maitre con Giulia Pezzoli
year: 2018

size: 16,5 x 23,8 cm
pages: 96 color
price: 9,00 euro
isbn: 978-88-96296-19-6

€ 9

The second publication accompanying the Rose Residency Programme cannot be defined simply as an exhibition catalogue, but is conceived as an artist book, which Dina Danish & Jean-Baptiste Maitre designed as the ideal continuation of the exhibition staged in the rooms of Villa delle Rose, as a completion of their residency at Casa Natali.
Both the exhibition and the publication are conceived as mirror-like organisms, identical but reversed – the works on the ground floor of the exhibiting venue are reflected in those of the first floor, and viceversa, just as in the book we find the images of the A side reflected in those of the B side and viceversa. The two sides are divided by the text section, which contains an interview with the artists by Giulia Pezzoli, curator of the Rose project, addressing different topics, in particular ancient inscriptions and graffiti, which form the subject of the works Danish & Maitre created for the Bologna exhibition.