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Seth Price
curated by: Seth Price
year: 2009

Italian / English edition

26,5 x 19 cm

96 pages, color, stitched paperback

ISBN: 978-88-96296-02-8

€ 38

For his show at MAMbo (May 26th – July 26th, 2009) – the first in an Italian museum – Seth Price has designed an artist’s book around his Calendar paintings (2003-2004), inkjet paintings on canvas featuring images from advertisings, digital graphics and reproduction of works by little known American artists from the Twenties and Thirties.

The volume includes “Artforum” director Tim Griffin’s essay The personal effects of Seth Price, focused on the artist’s multidisciplinary poetics, which includes painting, sculpture, photography, sound, video and writing. The book’s graphic designer has been Joseph Logan, design director of “Artforum” and member – alongside Price himself, Wade Guyton and Bettina Funcke – of the Continuous Project group.

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