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Giancarlo Fabbi. Il silenzio della pittura

Casa Morandi
20 April - 1 July 2018

Giancarlo Fabbi, born in Modena, started using self-taught photography at a young age. A passion at first, photography became more and more a necessity, making it his true life mission.
Since 2014, he has focused on a few simple objects that belonged to Giorgio Morandi, a brush, a burin and a paint tube, properly arranged to form his own still lifes. His photographic survey in this series is exceptionally in color, contrary to his other projects all strictly in black and white, for which he always relies on the use of analogue and natural light "to give reality to what is being done", to quote his own words. Carefully investigated in their poetic dimension through a reasoned process of abstraction, these images give us, as wrote the curator of the exhibition Massimo Recalcati, "a possible portrait of Morandi not through the figure of the author or his works, but thanks to the fundamental tools of his work" .

The series of ten photographs presented at Casa Morandi is intended to encourage a meta-reflection on some fundamental aspects of Morandi's painting: composition and geometric recomposition, focusing on a few themes, silence, solitude, absence of rhetoric and of any narration.