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Rachel Whiteread. Study for Room

Museo Morandi
24 January - 4 May 2014

Rachel Whiteread. Study for Room

The British artist has explicitly declared her interest in Morandi, with whom she shares a ceaseless metaphysical tension and artistic research that transcends the chronological progression of the avant-garde movement or theoretical perspectives as concerns language. Renowned for her resin and plaster sculptures, and for her casts in which she explores architecture, space, absence and memory – including the famous House of 1993, a monumental cement cast of a Victorian house that was subsequently demolished, made to stigmatise building speculation in London’s East End – Rachel Whiteread shares with Morandi an interest in intimate spaces and everyday objects, emphasising the negative and revealing the empty spaces around it. Under the artist’s gaze, everyday “things” seem to be absorbed in space, suspended between presence and absence, leaving a trace of themselves in the mould enveloping them.

At the MAMbo, Rachel Whiteread is presenting a selection of works dating between 1991 and 2010 and two small works made for the occasion that fit in perfectly with the rooms of the Museo Morandi.


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