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Time Code

15th November 2007- 12th June 2008

TIME CODE will analyze the procedures and devices chosen by artists to organize different temporal structures and, in an anthropological perspective, the manner in which these are perceived and interpreted by the spectator. The project will be carried out in a series of eight events featuring the presentation of sixteen videos of Italian and international artists, chosen and exhibited according to four categories: Representation, Documentation, Presentation and Quotation.
In each event of the series, the works of the artists will be displayed in different spaces of the museum to create dialogue with the complex architectural structure of the new Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna.

Each session consists of:

A public conference with the artists and curators, based on the featured content of TIME CODE (6:30pm)
The presentation of two videos (which will be on display until the following installment).
The videos presented will be interpreted through the lenses of the four categories cited above, analyzing the presence (or absence) of: hypertext, paraphrase, metaphor, iconography, and metalinguistics.
The series will also examine the adoption of procedures of manipulating visual and tonal elements in the post production phase including: sampling, re-mixing, use of feed back and looping as forms of disturbing repetition.


Time Code