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Aldo Giannotti. Safe and Sound

5 May - 5 September 2021

Safe and Sound by Aldo Giannotti, conceived for MAMbo, is the artist's first anthological exhibition in an Italian institution, curated by Lorenzo Balbi with the curatorial assistance of Sabrina Samorì.
Supported by the Italian Council, Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity, Italian Ministry of Culture, the exhibition contemplates notions of safety and security considered from different perspectives.
Ranging from the fundamental, existential aspect of safety, to regulations of the social sphere, to the technological impact on the field of security, the exhibition invites visitors to reflect upon their own position towards these concepts.
The exhibition welcomes visitors into a space for exercising potential alternatives and challenges them to bend their perception of regulations and their own behaviour and decision-taking processes within deeply embedded structures.

Safe and Sound is part of ART CITY Bologna, the institutional program of exhibitions and special initiatives promoted by Comune di Bologna as part of Bologna Estate.

Image: Aldo Giannotti, The End is Near, 2021, photo, various format


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