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Francesca Grilli "The Conversation"

3 - 19 december 2010



The Conversation, 2010
performance | installation

wood treated with salts and mounted on a leaded iron structure, 190 cm x 280 cm – Audio system, 4 loudspeakers – audio track 14'40''

The Conversation extends the concept of artistic and musical performance by creating a new chemistry among music, noise and deaf culture. The classical line-up of the string duo, thanks to the digital elaboration by two electronic musicians, will enable the deaf performer to feel the auditory vibration coming from a different and innovative use of an audio system. The location hosting the performance has been filled up with rubber balls that the public is invited to hold in their hands; in this way, everyone will be able to perceive the vibrations produced by the musical composition following the same modality used by deaf people to listen to music. The concert is performed by a deaf artist, Nicola Della Maggiora, who feels the auditory vibrations coming from the wooden structure on which he stands, and interprets the musical composition with a soundless song in the Italian sign language.

Francesca Grilli was born in Bologna in 1978. She currently works and lives between Amsterdam and Bologna.
Her research is focused on human communication and its different forms. Whether it is visually evoked through the Italian sign language in her performances or as voice-over in her video production, the research of Francesca Grilli is concentrated on two significant aspects concerning sound: the way it is treated in every facet, and the space of action of the spectator. The sound is, in her study, an important and revealing tool with which she is able to modulate the intensity of her artwork.
She won the Premio Internazionale della Performance in 2006 and took part in Manifesta 7 in 2008. She was also invited to be part of the residence project at Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in 2007/2008 and RED A.i.R., Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam in 2009. Moreover, she has participated to solo and collective exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.