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Identificazioni (Identifications), the new layout of the MAMbo permanent collection curated by Lorenzo Balbi, which is integrated with the sections Figurabilità. Pittura a Roma negli anni Sessanta and Rilevamenti d’archivio. Le Settimane Internazionali della Performance e gli anni '60 e '70 a Bologna e in Emilia Romagna, analyses the link between action and affirmation of subjectivity, proposing a reflection on identity through the theme of identification: a dynamic, continuous and infinite process of self-construction.

The fluidity and dynamism inherent in the very concept of identification find correspondence in an installation that does not want to lead the viewer through predetermined paths, chosen on the basis of objectively detectable parameters (chronology, style, etc.), but which, on the contrary, allows him to see, walk along and "feel" the exhibition space (set up in a completely open form) and the works without any restrictions, allowing the germination of new connections and the establishment of new, personal references. Consequently, the visitor has the opportunity to outline his own physical and psychological path of fruition and understanding of contemporary art.