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ART CITY Bologna 2015

ART CITY Bologna
Museums, exhibitions, art venues
January 23 – 24 – 25, 2015

The third edition of special events

To rediscover Bologna, city of culture, in an intense weekend dedicated to art

The third edition of ART CITY Bologna, the institutional programme founded in 2013 thanks to a collaboration between the Municipality of Bologna and BolognaFiere to accompany the annual edition of Arte Fiera with exhibitions, events and cultural initiatives, and offer an original exploration of museums and art venues in the city, will take place from January 23 to 25, 2015.
After the great public success of the first two editions, ART CITY Bologna once again offers the formula of an event taking the form of a “multi-venue museum”: starting from the fair dedicated to modern and contemporary art, it crosses the city’s historic centre and expands dynamically to include the entire urban context.
The initiative reaffirms its central role in the priority aim to promote awareness and best use of the cultural resources of the territory, contributing to public recognition of their importance in today’s society. It constitutes a strategic commitment shared jointly by the Municipality of Bologna and BolognaFiere with the aim of rediscovering the identity of Bologna as a major city of culture and expand its extraordinary potential for attracting tourists nationally and internationally via the creation of projects in an increasingly integrated and synergetic way.
During these days when Bologna comes to the forefront of the international art market with the 39th edition of the historic exhibition Arte Fiera, a wide range of special events is available to the public and art enthusiasts, thanks to the networking of all the museums in the city – from the state to the civic venues, from the university to private banking foundations – and the contribution of various other bodies – public institutions, private organisations and cultural operators – all engaged in a joint effort of coordinated planning to offer the opportunity of visiting a museum as big as a city.

The ART CITY Bus, the local public transport bus accompanying visitors along the circuit of art venues, links the fair grounds with the centre of town via a new circular route with 13 stops. The ART CITY Map is a practical pocket guide which shows not just the bus stops but also details about the venues and information about the events. It is widely available in the pavilions of Arte Fiera, in the venues included in the ART CITY Bologna 2015 programme, in the Biblioteca Salaborsa and in the Bologna Welcome tourist offices in Piazza Maggiore and at Bologna Airport, making it easy to get your hands on this vital tool for finding your way around town in these three days of art events.

This third edition also offers longer visiting hours and free entry (in some cases reduced price) for holders of any Art Fiera ticket, while numerous venues will have staff available to welcome and inform visitors.

There will be specific activities for families and children in the ART CITY Children section, to appeal to our youngest public and draw them into the world of contemporary art through fun and creative educational activities, such as workshops, readings and animated visits.

The dialogue between the antique and the contemporary, between past and present, is the main common denominator for the 2015 edition of ART CITY Bologna, under the curatorial coordination of Gianfranco Maraniello, Director of Istituzione Bologna Musei, in which there will be stimulating links emerging from the meeting between the perceptions of the city and the importance of its permanent artistic holdings.

 ART CITY Bologna 2015 full programme (in Italian):





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