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Pier Paolo Calzolari "Senza Titolo 2010"

Museo Morandi
23 January - 13 February 2011

Istituzione Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Bologna dedicates to Pier Paolo Calzolari two expository events at MAMbo and at Museo Morandi, complementary to the contemporary exhibition at Galleria de’ Foscherari in Bologna. The whole project is curated by Pier Giovanni Castagnoli.

The artist comes back to the city where he began his career – in 1965 at Studio Bentivoglio – with a complex exposition in three different venues that explores different parts and expressions of his work.

In the Sala Ottagonale of Museo Morandi (23rd January - 13th February) is housed Senza Titolo 2010, a super-sized work, created by Calzolari specifically for the exhibition, where heterogeneous materials and objects (burnt iron and pigments, lead bar, copper, icing structure, metallic net, refrigerator motor, copper jug, lead tank) – unique style of the artist, whose research has always been in the direction of a “compromise” of the work with reality and the multiform nature of material – create shapes that dialogue in space through a relationship that is both static and dynamic.