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Step 2 - Eva Marisaldi

2 December 2007 - 3 February 2008


Eva Marisaldi (Bologna, 1966. Lives and works in Bologna) is interested in exploring creative and cognitive processes that, by being “lateral” to active life, make imagination real, suggest different logical and linguistic systems, open up alternatives of meaning that challenge the usual way of thinking and emerge as surprising though plausible possibilities.

By involving the public in the encounter, rather than the use of her environments, the artist traces routes of discovery within the exhibition space (“gym of attention”). She highlights the exceptionality of everyday objects and situations, while at the same time giving legitimacy to unexpected, sudden happenings and unforeseen anomalies. In her exhibition at MAMbo Marisaldi premieres an installation composed of three new works, which will be fully revealed to the visitor only at the moment he/she comes face to face with them.

The journey through these three works is like a “surmountable” obstacle course that constantly questions us the reasons for tackling the next obstacle, for having “left home”, our own intensely mediatized life, to enter a museum. Small wooden constructions resembling equestrian hurdles, but done on human scale, an L-shaped plinth like the Knight’s move in chess, an object that she calls a percussion band robot machine “sailing” on a wharf towards deep waters. Finally, with Birthday (party), a small portable theatre for birthday parties, the artist hopes to involve the visitor “in the space-time of the work”.

Step 2 - Eva Marisaldi