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Gilberto Zorio

15 October 2009 - 7 February 2010

Reaching beyond a mere retrospective selection, the works are catalysts for reflections and discourses centered on their own practice: they compose much more than a simple chronological reconstruction, and – according to the artist’s specific design – they set up a dialectical relation with each other.

The pivotal piece of the exhibition path is Torre Stella Bologna, a work specifically realized by the artist for the present show: a dramatic architectural intervention, a tower with a five-pointed star layout rising like a fortress in the Sala delle Ciminiere.

The work, taking up Zorio’s recurrent symbolism, has a somewhat mysterious dimension: its star-like shape, “the universe’s projection in our consideration of things”, isn’t immediately evident, but can only be grasped by following its perimeter.

The space absorbs its strong impact and is modeled by it; the star’s points cut through the exhibition space and radiate energy in the museum’s various areas, often reaching out of the rooms themselves.

The exhibition path underlines Zorio’s deep fascination for physical, chemical and alchemical processes, traceable to his early works from the late Sixties and early Seventies, as well as his interest in all those modifications, aggregations, tensions and contrasts within matter itself that can lead to the revelation of new possibilities.

The presence of electric devices, fluorescences, strobe lights and laser beams prepares visitors for the unforeseen, and leads them to surrender themselves to the surprise of an ever-becoming art.

Many other big-sized works in the exhibition involve constant elements of Zorio’s artistic language: the canoe, the javelin, the crucible in his intentions all gain an archetypical status as forms chosen by the human being to measure the incommensurable.