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Pensatevi liberi. Bologna Rock 1979

MAMbo - Project Room
17 May - 29 September 2019

Bologna Rock (2 April 1979) brought over 6,000 people together in Bologna’s Palasport for ten mostly unknown rock bands. This concert is seen as the symbol of a season to be studied for its cultural implications and influence, and the socio-political role played by Bologna between 1975 and 1985 in Italy’s culture, and beyond. The exhibition, curated by Oderso Rubini and Anna Persiani,  is built as a historical reinterpretation, a new anthropological stance to extract the defining elements underpinning the origins and rise of that season. This ambitious and disruptive project looks to the future, to configure and stimulate new algorithms for developing our cities, turning continuously to “alternative” cultures, as its core and lifeblood for its growth.