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No, Oreste, No!

MAMbo - Project Room
8 March - 5 May 2019

Diari da un archivio impossibile

Oreste did not start out as a collective or a syndicate but, as its creators often repeat, it was a “varying group of people”, artists who choose to meet and stay together for an unspecified length of time and share how they saw the world. The Oreste project did not make art or exhibitions, but it created a space for contact, freedom and function. What is left of Oreste today? MAMbo’s Project Room, now as then, will turn into a place to meet and interact. At the core of the exhibition are the elements that tell the story of Oreste: the artists, with their lives and research, and audio-video and paper archives. Every stage will be presented through texts, photographs, books, catalogues and journals, rebuilding the wide network that Oreste wrought invisibly with the art world. Exhibition curated by Serena Carbone.