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Franco Guerzoni. Archeologie senza restauro

MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna
December 19, 2014 - April 19, 2015

MAMbo dedicates a personal exhibition to Franco Guerzoni entitled Archeologie senza restauro, to run from December 19th, 2014 to April 19th, 2015, in a room of the Permanent Collection.

The exhibition focuses on the two temporal extremes of the artist’s creative development: his beginnings and his most recent production, presenting a selection of 17 works that are representative of these periods.

Casting an eye back into the past reveals an interest in what has been, but also awareness of the fact that it is irretrievable, and this is a constant in the work of Guerzoni, who calls this practice “archaeology without restoration”. Often his works appear similar to archaeological finds – with time-worn surfaces, dust, disconnected parts – and tell of a journey of the imagination through the traces of what is now lost.