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Indagini di frontiera Sulle tracce del percorso critico di Francesca Alinovi

Permanent Collection
26 october - 17 november 2013

Indagini di frontiera Sulle tracce del percorso critico di Francesca Alinovi

The Video Room in the Permanent Collection space of MAMbo – Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna is dedicated to the display of a few documents, selected by Sabrina Samorì, with the intention to restore the complex stratification of her interests, her passionate and forward-looking attention towards any kind of emergent artistic phenomenon, the originality of her critic approach and interpretation, together with her selective and methodologic perspicacity. Publications, original papers, photographs, correspondences and other testimonies, selected and gathered among heirs, friends and the MAMbo archives, will retrace the various phases of Francesca Alinovi's work, being heterogeneous and interrelated evidence of a short but extraordinary intellectual experience, not yet studied and enhanced properly.

Alongside the documents mentioned above, there is a video by Veronica Santi which displays recent testimonies of different personalities related to art, still working in New York, with whom Francesca Alinovi maintaned work and friendship relationships, promoting a new and fruitful creative exchange between the US mepropolis and the Emilian city.
On the 26th october the museum will host a study day, organized in collaboration with the University of Bologna and curated by Claudio Marra and Gino Gianuizzi, with extended contributions of intellectuals friends of Francesca and representative of the different disciplinar aspects explored by her: visual arts, photography, performative arts, theatre, dance, comics, music, fashion.

Francesca Alinovi got a Bachelor's degree in Literature with Francesco Arcangeli at the University of Bologna, presenting a final dissertation dedicated to Carlo Corsi. After a specialization in Contemporary Art with Renato Barilli, she became researcher at DAMS within the same university and dedicated her studies to Lucio Fontana and the Spatialism, Piero Manzoni, photography, Dadaism.
She carried out an intense activity of art critic and curator. Among her main publications, together with the essays included in catalogues and specialised magazines (such as BolaffiArte, Domus, Flash Art), we want to mention: Le due vie di Piero Manzoni, in AA.VV., Estetica e società tecnologica, Bologna, Il Mulino, 1976; Dada, arte, anti-arte, Firenze, D'Anna, 1981; La fotografia. Illusione o rivelazione?, Bologna, Il Mulino, 1981; Natura impossibile del post-moderno, in AA.VV., Paesaggio metropolitano, Milano, Feltrinelli, 1982. A rich collection of essays was published by Il Mulino in 1984, entitled L'arte mia, and recalled in an article published on Iterarte (n. 21), in 1981.
Among the most important exhibitions curated or co-curated by her: Settimana Internazionale della Performance at Galleria Comunale d'Arte Moderna di Bologna, from 1977 until1982; Pittura-Ambiente, Milano, Palazzo Reale, 1979; Dieci anni dopo. I Nuovi-nuovi, Bologna, Galleria Comunale d'Arte Moderna, 1980; The Italian Wave, New York, Holly Solomon Gallery, 1980; ORA!, Pescara, Studio Cesare Manzo, 1980; Marcello Jori, Bologna, Galleria Dé Foscherari, 1982; Gli anni trenta (sezione fotografica), Milano, Palazzo Reale, 1982; Registrazione di Frequenza, Bologna, Galleria d'Arte Moderna, 1982; Una generazione postmoderna, Milano, 1982.

In 1984 the Galleria Comunale d'arte moderna di Bologna realised, after one of her projects, the exhibition Arte di frontiera: New York graffiti.